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"Yipee... it's party time!"

Deuteronomy 26:1-11

Sermon Background

Israel is in Moab to the east of the Jordon River. It is forty years since the exodus. As they prepare to enter the land that God promised them, Moses through a series of farewell speeches, calls on them to recommit themselves fully to God.

Text Summary:

After settling in the land every Israelite was to take a selection of the first things (first fruits) they grow and offer it to the Lord in grateful worship at the tabernacle only (not wherever they wished to). They were to do so joyfully, sharing with everyone, recognising that God is the one who provides and has demonstrated that by fulfilling his promises to them to bring them to safely to the land.

Sermon Summary:

We are to honour God as the one who ultimately give us everything - our talents, our family... whatever! We must be intentional in thanking him and he in turn encourages us to be intentional in enjoying and celebrating all the good things that he provides. We must be equally intentional to share these good things and good times with others. These are all aspects of our true worship, which is in and through Christ alone.

Sermon Outline:

Theme: Our Worship must...
1. Do it right (1, 2, 10)
2. Say it right (3-9)
3. Live it right (11)

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