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Tough Place - Big Decisions

Sermon Background

Paul is writing from prison to all the church at Philippi thanking them for the gift they sent with Epaphroditus. He explained how despite the difficult circumstances he was facing the work of spreading the gospel had not been hindered but in fact had prospered. Though the motives of some were questionable and had hurt him yet because they stayed true to the mesage Paul was able to see the bigger picture and rejoice.

Text Summary:

Paul determined to continue rejoicing, confident that the Philippians' prayers and the power of the Spirit would resource him to maintain a good witness no matter the outcome. If death - then he would rest with Christ. If life - then he could continue to bless them. This was his preferred option knowing his continued ministry to them would result in praise and thanks to Christ.

Timeless Principals:

(19, 20) God will honour our prayers and those of other believers on our behalf and also provide the strength of the Spirit to help us glorify Christ during all circumstances
(18b, 21, 22, 23) even if there is uncertainty in the outcome of any life situation, rejoice! nothing can sepearte us from our risen Lord.
(24-26) The best decisions put the needs of others first. These sacrefices will bring praise and thanks to God.

Sermon Summary:

Be faithful in praying not only for ourselves, but for one another, so that the full measure of God's blessing can be made available and we can bring honour to Jesus. Pray for strength, courage and relief. If big decisions have to be made pray to make godly choices that will bless others.
Help one another to stand and know the joy of assurance that nothing can separate us from our Lord.

Sermon Outline:

Theme: Tough Places, Big Decisions
1. Pray (19,20)
2. Serve (24-26)
3. Rejoice (18b, 21-23)

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