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"The Unstoppable Gospel"

Philippians 1:12-18a

Sermon Background

Paul is writing from prison (presumably Rome) to all the church at Philipi thanking them for the gift they sent with Epaphorditus. His greeting had included a warm appreciation for their continued partnership in the gospel and having expressed his prayerful hopes for them he turned to telling them about himself.

Text Summary:

Paul reports that his imprisonment has not hindered his mission of preaching the gospel but actually advanced it. He explains two ways this has happened. He goes on to add that some believers are opposing him with wrong agendas but others are supportive and preaching with good motives. Despite these difficult situations the gospel message is moving forward and he therefore rejoices.

Sermon Summary:

Circumstances that are unpleasant to us in God's hands can be a way that others will be inspired to know and follow Christ more. As we present Jesus to our world keep the motive of love ever present in our hearts so that we are doing the right things for the right reasons. Then we may know the joy of seeing others drawn to Christ and the gospel prosper.

Sermon Outline:

Theme: The Gospel......
A Message unstoppable..... Advances despite opposition (12, 13)
A Call attainable......Ignites courage by example (14)
A Love suitable..... Says 'check your motives'. (15-17)
A Joy unquenchable.... Is the true source of joy (18)

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