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"It's Easier Said Than Done But When It's done It's Easier"

Philippians 4:6-9

Sermon Background

A missionary thank-you letter of Paul written from prison to the Macedonian church at Philippi.

Text Summary:

Paul instructs the Philippians not to permit themselves to become crushed or immobilised by worry but to allow themselves the privilege of exercising their right as children of God to request assistance and stregth from their Heavenly Father through prayer, grateful in the knowledge that God will repspond wisely.

Paul further promises that God will ensure that they will be blessed with a measure of supernatural input that will carry them through the situation and enable them to retain calm and poise.

But Paul also reminds them that they have responsiblity to ensure that they are guarding their own hearts by godly thinking, reflection and obedience to the Word of God. This is the pathway to receive blessing from God.

Message Summary:

Let's be active and not allow extreme anxiety and worry to take control of us. Rather let's apply God's solution to the problem. Freely use the avenue of prayer that our Heavenly Father has provided for us, confident and grateful that He promises to listen, provide and enable us to retain calm and poise

But let's also not forget that God expects us to actively pursue obedient godly thinking and living - in all this God promises we will know his peace and strength.

Sermon Outline:

Theme: God's answer to Worry
1. Use your knees (6-7)
2. Use your mind (8, 9a)
3. Use yourself (9b)

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