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"Christianity 101 'What are ya?'"

Philippians 1:1, 2

Sermon Background

Paul is writing from prison (presumably Rome) to all the church at Philipi.Paul had founded this church at Philippi about ten years before and the Philippians had been a constant support and encouragement since then. Hearing that he was in prison they had sent Epaphroditus to minister to his needs as well as supplying a gift. Unfortunately Epaphroditus became seriously ill. Paul decided to send him back to Philippi and wrote the letter to send back with him. In many respects, this is a 'missionary thank-you' letter.

Text Summary:

A carefully worded greeting where Paul summarises what it means to be a community of believers. The example of Paul and Timothy as servants of Christ. The Philippians as examples of saints together in Christ. The source of all spiritual life from the Father and Christ.

Sermon Summary:

If someone ask you; 'what are ya?' Tell them (perhaps with some explanation); "I am a submitted servant of Christ, a forgiven relaxed saint in Christ and I now enjoy continuing new life from Christ." Hallelujah!!

Sermon Outline:

Theme: What is a Christian?
1. A submitted servant of Christ (1a)
2. A forgiven relaxed saint in Christ (1b)
3. Enjoying continuing new life from Christ (2)

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